Commitment To You


Since 1978

West Coast has been committed to you!

West Coast Entertainment is the Northwest’s leading event planning company. We employ a full-time, year-round staff, and more than 250 part-time employees, solely dedicated to your high school event planning and coordination. You will always have access to your planner throughout the year to answer your questions.

We are committed to your event, and our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a fun and successful event.

What does that mean for you?


West Coast Entertainment has extensive experience, and each year we evaluate how we can improve our products and services — assuring you the finest graduation party experience possible.


We understand that you want to make sure that students have a safe and fun event, and West Coast Entertainment utilizes Licensed Security Personnel to ensure safety at graduation parties.

Guidance & Support

West Coast Entertainment will provide your committee with in-depth newsletters, and step-by-step help with fundraising, promotions, and marketing. You can count on us!


Need to make changes? No problem! West Coast Entertainment will work with you to make sure the party is right for the number of students planning to attend.

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